7 Types of Rummy Players You Often Come Across

Rummy is a game of skills. Good rummy players enjoy the game because it challenges their skill sets. These games are getting more popular online. If you are used to playing online real cash winning games of rummy or have played this favourite game of cards offline often, you may have come across these common types of rummy players. We have listed these out for you to have a look.

The ‘Ever So Serious’ Types

These are players in rummy who have their entire focus only on the game and nothing else. If you play rummy with them offline, you won’t hear a comment from them. They will just play their turn, observe the cards disposed by the others and plan their next move accordingly. If you play indian rummy online games with them, they will not chat or comment during the game. He may not even make contacts or advance any communication. These are the ever so serious kinds who bother about nothing but the game.

The ‘No Risk Taker’ Types

These are people who do not like to take a risk whatsoever. They prefer to pass a game rather than lose points. They prefer to reduce points rather than take a chance. These are the most boring kinds of players who may not always win but will always make sure they don’t lose a game. The no risk taker types are easy to spot as they will easily drop a game if there is even 1% chance of losing the game.

The ‘Lifeless till Life’ Types

This is the category of rummy players who give undue importance to life. While it is important to create life in rummy, you need not be obsessed about it. For those who are still new to rummy gaming, in a standard 13 cards rummy game variation, a natural sequence and a real sequence are together termed as life. Till the life is formed, the player’s hand is regarded as a full hand. That means that if any player calls it rummy before a player has formed his life, he will be charged with full points. Even when such players play rummy online free without cash, they are serious and tense till the life is formed.

The ‘Joker Maniac’ Types

These are people who think they can win any game if they have just a joker in hand. They are so obsessed with the jokers that they tend to stock the jokers even when their life is not ready. This may eventually lead them to lose the game as well. These are people who don’t focus to win money playing games but get carried away by a few extra jokers in their hand.

The ‘Live and Let Live’ Types

These are the passive players of rummy games. They strongly lack competitive spirit. They may easily give away a card that the next player needs. They may not plan the game to win. They enjoy playing the game and do not plan any winning strategies. Even when you play online real money earning games, they will take the game lightly.

The ‘Pointless Points’ Types

These players understand all the rules of the game well. They know that the first priority of the game is to make life. Once that is formed, a player needs to try and reduce points in the hand. They will neglect this rule though and try making sequences with high point cards. The result is that the opponent may call it rummy and this player will have very high points in his hand. This is the kind of person who does not enjoy calculating and computing. He prefers to play rummy just for the fun of organising the cards but never for saving points or winning the game. These players never make it big in online real cash winning games

The ‘Winning Breed’ Types

Yes, there is the perfect player too. This player knows how to follow the rules and use his acumen to win. He will focus on creating the life. He will create multiple options for completing the sequence. He will also understand the need to reduce the points in the hand. He will play to win and no one can make him lose other than luck.

Do share with us the types of players you come across when you try online rummy free game to win real money. Join KhelplayRummy for lots of interesting rummy gaming experiences.

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