Company makes staff crawl on street as punishment in China, video is viral

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A company’s bizarre punishment for employees who couldn’t meet the targets set out for them has left many on the Internet in shock. Videos circulating online show employees of the company being forced to crawl on a busy street as punishment for not achieving their year-end targets. The clips have gone viral and collected a ton a reactions from netizens.

The incident took place in Zaozhuang, China’s Shandong Province on January 14. The video shows women, who reportedly work for a company that sells beauty products, crawling down a busy street. A man, holding a flag, is seen walking in front of them. Onlookers can be seen looking confused and surprised at the sight before them.

Police eventually intervened and asked the organisers to stop the punishment. According to some reports, the company was also temporarily shut down.

South China Morning Post tweeted the video and several people have shared their shocked reactions.

“And you thought your performance reviews were harsh,” a Twitter user commented about the video. “OMG. This is so humiliating. How could they?” commented another.


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