Correct your Makeup Mistakes that lead to blunder; follow these tips

Correct your Makeup Mistakes that lead to blunder; follow these tips

Applying the incorrect shade of foundation

We all do this mistake at least one time in our life. It ruins our look totally. But we can fix it easily. Choose two shades which are nearest to your skin tone. Apply both of them to your jaw line and go out in the sun and then look at the mirror. Now make your own decision which looks more natural. Choose the one which blends to your face more naturally.

Applying the incorrect shade of blusher

The blush you are applying to your face must accompaniment to your own blush tone. Otherwise it will look very unnatural and artificial. Try complimenting your blush with the shade of your lipstick. If you are wearing a darker shade of lipstick then match your blush with the same type of color.

Always Use clean brushes

Most of us apply our makeup with unclean or dirty brushes or sponges and then we wonder that why our makeup doesn’t look fresh at all. The reason is our unwashed sponges and brushes. Clean your makeup articles with gentle shampoo or instant brush cleaner and change your makeup sponge with in a short period of time.

Do not put makeup on dry skin

Most of the woman made this mistake regularly. There is a big no-no about applying make into dry skin. If you put make into dry skin it does not blend with your skin properly. You should exfoliate your skin at least once in a week. You must apply moisturizer to your skin before applying makeup. It will helps in blending makeup properly to your skin.

Do not wear the same foundation over the year

As we can not wear the same cloths in the winter and the summer we can not wear same foundation al over the year. You must switch your foundation during summer and winter. Most of us have a complexion which gets one fourth darker in the summer time. So you need to choose different shades of foundation for different period of time in a year.

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Do not apply too much Bronzer

Applying bronzer in a wrong way is one of the biggest makeup blunders. Do not apply bronzer all over your face. Apply it only on your temples, nose and forehead. Do not forget to apply bronzer in your neck.

Do not use makeup without testing

As we don not wear a jeans without testing its fittings, we can not use a makeup shade without testing it. We can not trust the bottle from outside because the makeup oxidizes and change its color when it comes into the contact of air.

Do not test makeup in wrong parts of our body

We always test the makeup sample in the back part of our hand. But, it is the wrong way of testing your makeup shade as the redness of our hand is more than our face. Always apply into your jaw line and test it. For lipsticks ask for the counter sample which is disinfected with alcohol. Apply the lipstick with a clean brush into your lips.

Do not apply to much of powder

None of us like a powdery face. So do not apply in to all over your face. Apply it to some specific area where they needed. Apply powder especially on the T-zone. Use a brush to apply the power and tap away the excess powder from your face.

Find right shade of concealer

Do not use two or three shade lighter concealer than your makeup or foundation. Concealer only hides the darkness around your eyes. Use a peach toned concealer to foil the purple or dark blue dark circle.


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