Happy New Year 2019: Get set to party in style this New Year

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This party season, steal the limelight with the right hair and makeup. Experts suggest that subtle blush is a year-round must, but this season’s trendy rouge is inspired by the rosy glow you get when there’s a nip in the air. Here are a few more beauty tips and tricks:

*Sweeping eyelashes: Full, false lashes on your top lash line invariably make your eyes looks larger and more awake. Keep the rest of your makeup palette neutral for a look that’s modern, rather than overdone.

* Bright lips: A red lip as the centre-piece of a polished makeup look is classic, but it can also awaken otherwise low-key makeup, like a little smudgy eyeliner.

* Eye make up: Smoky eyes are always a favourite, but applying jewel tones like blue, emerald, and indigo bring out your eyes and add the ’60s flair to your face.

* Colour your lovely locks in Coffee Balayage: We are sure you have already seen balayage on the street, but have you seen the beautiful bean colour spilled in balayage? Get your hair coloured in the same old balayage technique but in strong-dark espresso or soft latte brew shade.

* Hair drama: Put some drama into the hairstyle. One way to opt for it is by voluminising your regular braids. It looks more amazing with curly hair. n Middle part your hair and you can pull off any silhouette with that hairdo. Be it any length, bobs or ultra long locks, deep middle parting can be your next glam look for the season. You can accessorise it with barrettes and pins.

*Hydrate well: Skin is the biggest organ of the body and is mostly made up of water which serves to keep skin smooth, elastic and wrinkle free. Drinking plenty of water will naturally flush out toxins, giving you a healthier glow. Also, go easy on your salt and caffeine intake.

* Green tea and coconut water: One must include two cups of green tea and coconut water in their daily regime. Regular consumption of these will help you in getting glowing and soft skin as it would eradicate toxins from your body replacing it with healthy minerals and vitamins.

* Abhyangam or oil application: Body massage improves circulation of blood and sends the toxins out of the body through various routes like skin, kidney, etc. It is nourishing, relieves fatigue, provides stamina, perfect sleep, enhances the complexion and brightens up the skin, promoting longevity.

* Use Ayurvedic botanicals for glowing skin: Use ingredients like turmeric, saffron and rose to brighten and tone your skin. Face packs with turmeric and sandalwood will help clarify the skin while bringing out it’s natural glow. Serums with saffron in them will give you radiant, younger looking skin.


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