Meet The Latest Desi Gadget: A Smart Bangle Which Can Taser Your Harassers

Meet The Latest Desi Gadget: A Smart Bangle Which Can Taser Your Harassers

The much celebrated choodi just got a 2019 makeover in Hyderabad. Forever a symbol of feminine frailty and old-school romance, the ornament has now been turned into a ‘smart bangle’ which can taser harassers.

Two Hyderabad men, Gadi Harish, 23, and his friend Sai Teja, have invented a bangle which can be used to create an electric shock to ward off harassers and will also send your live location and an SOS message to relatives and police. The two inventors have named the device, ‘self-security bangle for women’. The gadget is activated when a woman tilts her arm at a particular angle. The movement gives an electric shock to the aggressor holding the woman’s arm.

The 23-year-old inventor of this gadget is hoping to get assistance from the government to complete work on the prototype and then launch it in the market. Harish told a section of the media: “The idea behind this smart bangle is to provide security to women as nowadays we see that number of cases related to rape and missing women are on the rise.”

Smart Bangle and other safety gadgets

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) released in 2014 stated that 93 women file a complaint of sexual assault every day in India.The cases of sexual assault also saw an alarming rise. An earlier investigation conducted by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) reported that 2,64,130 rapes occurred in 28 Indian states within a decade.

There have been a bunch of recent inventions which have made similar claims about women’s safety. There was the nail paint which doubled up as a detector of date rape drugs in drinks. Then there was the Raksha app, launched in 2014. The app lets you alert your contacts by pressing the volume button for 3 seconds. It also provided your contacts with your exact location when you alerted them using the app.

While these inventions may aid a few women in fighting off sexual assault and harassment, the larger system which teaches men that women’s consent is unnecessary continues without challenge. Our legal frameworks still function against survivors by treating them with derision. Till we fix the bigger problem, a smart bangle will not be of much help to Indian women.


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