Pakistan exports over 100,000 kg human hair to China


Pakistan has exported to China over 100,000 kg of human hair valued at USD 132,000 over the last five years.

The Ministry of Commerce and Textile told the National Assembly that 105,461 kg of human hair was exported to China in the last five years, the Dawn reported.

Demand for human hair has increased in China due to growth in the makeup industry. The other reason for the increase in the export of human hair is that there is little trend for wearing wigs for fashion, AM Chauhan, a prominent beautician, told the daily.

He said another reason was that the local production of hair accessories has declined recently.

He said in the past, locals would make hair extensions, moustaches, beards and wigs by hand, but the local artisans have now lost the market to the Chinese makeup industry.

Exporters have placed bins in hair salons and buy hair at an average rate of Rs 5,000 or Rs 6,000 per kg, Chauhan added.

High quality hair is also exported to the US and Japan as they have high demand for hair from their entertainment industries. At the same time, hair extensions and wigs are imported into Pakistan as well.


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