Woman uses makeup to give a makeover to a potato. Watch video


Makeup tutorials are all the rage on social media. How to perfect the brows, the best way to use a highlighter, the correct method to contour one’s face – the options are endless. Then there are those special makeup videos in which people completely transform themselves into other people. All these videos are impressive but this one – the makeover of a potato – is something else.

A video posted on video sharing app TikTok shows a woman giving a potato a makeover. The video opens to show a regular potato but ends with that same potato looking completely different. The video has been shared by TikTok user @elona_balasyan. Take a look:The video has left many on social media thoroughly impressed. One version of the video posted on Twitter as received over 12.8 million views since December 28. It has also collected over 4.8 lakh ‘likes’ and more than 1.1 lakh retweets.


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