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Going Away for the Holidays? Pack Your Laptop!

Posted on January 13, 2024 by Franklyn Rassmussen

Mobile workers aren't the only real ones packing up their Laptop PCs for traveling, it looks an evergrowing trend among vacationers aswell. In a recently available study, over fifty percent (51 percent) of these surveyed said they might bring along a laptop on another vacation. Thirty-four percent responded that they've already vacationed making use of their laptops. Why are people taking along their laptops on holiday? Apparently, it's mainly because of the dependence on email.

Email may be the most common usage of laptops for vacationers, with an increase of than 70% of individuals checking or sending personal email while on holiday. But work-related email sneaks within too, with 43% of vacationers admitting to checking or sending email that's work-related.

The option of Wi-Fi hotspots has definitely increased the capability of utilizing a laptop while on holiday, and wireless Internet connectivity has turned into a must for some computer users. With wireless technology accessible, you can achieve your customers anytime, whilst they're vacationing almost all over the world.

So if vacationers are packing their laptops, ensure that your e-mail marketing programs don't have a vacation! Stick to your regular schedule of e-mail marketing initiatives (e-newsletters,sales flyers,etc.), because your messages it's still seen by your visitors, even if they're not within their offices.