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Just Ask! Using Surveys to Improve Your Business

Posted on June 11, 2021 by Franklyn Rassmussen

You can find out useful information about your company, customers, and prospective customers by conducting a survey.

For those who have a list of email addresses of your customers and prospects you may send them an email containing a link which contributes to a survey on your website.

What's the advantage to you?

You get knowledge, and knowledge is a powerful tool in tailoring your company and services to your clients' needs. You may ask questions such as: - How can our web site be more informative to you?

* What products or services should we provide in the future?

* Please rate our customer service?

* What is your age?

It's important to ask questions that will get you the answers you desire. If you would like suggestions from your audiences, asking if they just enjoy your website doesn't offer you enough information. And offering a list of radio buttons or check boxes streamlines answers much more. Plus research indicates that people are more likely to answer if they all have to do is click on.

What's the advantage to the people taking your poll?

Well, there must be some benefit. Providing an incentive is a fantastic way to insure answers. That could be in the kind of a freebie, helpful information, an entry into a sweepstakes, or whatever else you think your clients would like.

How can you do that?

Create a form on your web site to ask questions. Possessing the answers of that sort emailed directly to your email box makes it easiest.