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Viral Marketing, New Means of Communications and Applications

Posted on July 8, 2022 by Franklyn Rassmussen

Means of communications can be found everywhere where users do interact and communications is really a top engagement at the internet. Beside email and messaging there exists a whole selection of established and new arising platforms. Typical established platforms are chats, forums and newsgroups and the already evolved worlds of newsfeeds and weblogs, that have integrated content syndication features. Another rather new but arising platform is tagging, which still has already reached popularity by several services.

Acting in that space needs some ethical contemplations as users you can find engaged by own interests and moreover private. Numerous and uncontrolled postings are unwelcome and may harm a platform by bothering users. Such activities could become mentioned in public areas, which on the other hand may harm a campaign as well as the complete acting enterprise.

It may be the trick of viral marketing to obtain users engaged by their interests. This might happen by way of a targeted message or entertaining applications. At email and homepages typical and simple tools to activate users may be the allowance or request to provide information of a contact to others and 'refer' or 'tell' something tools. Those do allow to spread messages and information.

Viral Marketing Tools, Advergames, and Podcasting

Viral Marketing using applications can be an updated trend, which now appears to be stimulated by the availibility of broadband. Next to the interest of users entertaining elements, advertainment, certainly are a solution to enforce distribution. Adgames or advergames are free and frequently sponsored games, which e.g. can be found at specialized portals. An excellent game or joke can be recommended from there or could possibly be sent by permission right to users. Furthermore advergames beside a marketing message have the ability to transport product information also to explain more difficult products. Edutainment would work for other target groups beside consumers, too.

Audio and video are further types of media written by viral messages. At the entertainment industry the distribution of media files by users found from the portal is becoming hottest. By the ongoing popularity of podcasting now also niches are reachable by audio and by video at videoblogs. After podcasting now videoblogs or vlogs recognition having an estonishing speed.

Interactive Media, Convergence, and Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing now has already reached converging media. At mobile communications Multimedia Messaging, MMS, do permit the distribution of advergames, audio and video to and between cell phones. Exactly the same development according to the infrastucture is going on or likely to happen at other media like interactive television.

Viral Marketing Campaigns and Campaign Measurement

Viral Marketing Campaigns do require planning like all marketing measures. According to the form used the look of media is essential. Much like common campaigns you can find platforms to select. Adgames could become spread at specialized communities, audio and video at entertainment portals or videoblogs and podcasts at audioblogs and weblogs.

Most complicated may be the evaluation of a communications based campaign. For the main element seeding one have to define multiplicators, which might contain early adoptors, influencers and keysurfers. Those may spread the marketing message to other platforms and users. You can find specialized agencies engaged in the identification of target groups or persons. Beside this there are several social network with volunteers. An additional solution to evaluate platforms, forums and weblogs is by using charts.

Similar to the chaotic dismission of the messages a precise measurement of the campaign success is difficult. Campaign measurement generally is an up-to-date topic led by user acceptance of cookies. Usually campaign measurements in this reach can be achieved by link tracking and logs of ad or grapic impressions. Whereas measurements may advance the quantity of yearly bought computers may show examplarily that measurements can't be exact. Happenings in a viral world are a lot more complicated as at communications and podcasting the distributed messages have grown to be completely disconnected from the delivery system. On planning and campaign measurement agencies using data mining technologies could become engaged.