8 Israeli products to keep your pets safe, clean and happy

Our four-legged friends have not been left behind in the Israeli innovation revolution. From the country that invented DogTV, here are eight items you can purchase to help your pet stay comfy and safe.

This full pet-health monitor keeps tabs on Tabby’s temperature, pulse, respiration, heart rate variability, activity level, posture and calories consumed. All data is recorded and processed on the collar and transmitted wirelessly to a secure cloud database.Pet parents and veterinarians can see the data via a dashboard, and receive alerts if any abnormalities are detected.

Bowldog folding travel bowls 

Whether you’re planning a picnic with your pooch, going on vacation or just taking a walk in the park, you’ll want to take along Bowldog. BizIt’s flat, flexible and turns into a stable, regular-sized bowl for water or food. Bowldog is easy to transport; just attach the folded bowl to the leash or drop it in your pocket or your backpack. Available in avariety of designs.

Cat Genie Automatic Feline Toilet

Hook up this self-flushing, self-cleaning cat commode to an electrical outlet and a cold-water faucet, and you’ll never have to deal with shoveling a litter box again. The washable litter granules are cleaned by the machine. Solid waste is dissolved into a liquid that drops into a sanitation chamber and gets flushed down the drain. Each CatGenie can be used by up to three cats.

Poochy Next-Generation Poop Collector

This ingenious Israeli product, originally designed for the visually impaired and disabled, attaches to your dog’s tail with a soft silicone-lined clip and collects the waste directly in the Poochy poop bag so you don’t have to scoop anything. Just remove the bag and toss it. The clip fits dogs weighing 22-99 pounds (10-45kg) and the bags come in three sizes. Poochy ships free worldwide.

Ecolife natural pest control

Solano Pet Care of Beit She’an makes Ecolife, a line of 100% plant-based products to keep fleas and ticks off your dog or cat without toxic chemicals. The collars, spot treatments and sprays are based on geranium, thyme, lemongrass and cedar oils. These oils also prevent hair loss andhelp neutralize unpleasant odors.

Arava Dead Sea Pet SpaEye Wipes

Arava puts the same unique therapeutic Dead Sea minerals into its products for pets that people everywhere have come to prize in skin lotions and shampoos. Adding them to essential oils and botanical extracts yields healing and pleasantly scented products for your dog, cat or horse’s coat and skin. The Pet Eye Wipes have chamomile, aloe vera, lion’s tooth and eyebright.

Smiley Pet Mineral Anti-Aging Bath

Smiley Pet, a family-owned business, also uses Dead Sea minerals and other botanicals in its pet-care products including this bath lotion made especially for puppies, kittens and other pets with allergies and sensitive skin and coat. If your pet licks the preparation, it’s harmless.

PetSPA Pet Shampoo with Oatmeal and Dead Sea Minerals

Made in Israel with Dead Sea minerals, PetSPA’s line of gentle pet shampoos includes formulations with lavender oil, oatmeal and argan oil to combat skin irritation, promote healing and moisturize dry skin, these gentle shampoos will soften, clean and refresh your pet’s coat. The company also makes paw and body wipes and paw balm.

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